A Shoplazza argument: Review sites integrity issues?

Luc chan
2 min readNov 6, 2021


Nowadays, review sites are playing more dominant but rather injust roles regarding truthful review postings. Many people place heavy-weighted trusts and hope to find objective, unbiased and helpful comments regarding a particular product and service. However, this great initiative has been utterly altered by enormous economical interests!

The moment when I am registering my thoughts here, one of my review / comments towards a particular Chinese tech platform was removed by Trustpilot integrity team out of no reason. Only the negative ones stayed. Basically, my rights of free speech is banned by Trustpilot even though I followed every protocol demanded by them.

If a review website does neglect their social and commercial responsibilities, just because the company does not have chance to voice out or even reply and communicate with people left bad comments due to the ridiculous reason that a commercial subscription was not made to Trustpilot. That only means this review website does not have any integrities.

Who is Shoplazza?

Shoplazza is a leading global eCommerce Saas platform offering trusted powerful tools for global merchants to start, grow, market and manage their business of any size digitally, in simple terms, bring the brick-and-mortar stores online. Shoplazza commits to make eBusiness simpler, cheaper and better for anyone with its global platform and services that are engineered with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to deliver reliable, safe, seamless online shopping experiences for consumers around the world. Our merchants can effectively and economically leverage their businesses to scale at a global scope in just a few clicks.

Bias won't help review sites thrive! Prejudice won't contribute to consumer confidence. We sincerely wish more integrities shown and better moral standards demonstrated by all these review sites one day.

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